Discontinuance of Utilities

Discontinuance of Utilities

Who is responsible for providing the utilities in my dwelling?

The Nassau County Health Department does not regulate owner occupied dwellings like owner occupied single-family homes, condominiums, and co-op apartments (problems need to be addressed with the building managers, owners boards, or through legal counsel). For rental dwellings, utilities in single-family homes are generally the responsibility of the occupants. In multi-unit buildings, unless other agreements have been reached, the owner/landlord is generally responsible for the gas and electric service. In all cases where there is a shared or common service that is not metered or billed separately for each dwelling unit, the owner/landlord is responsible for providing these utilities. The owner/landlord is also responsible for assuring that the delivery systems for gas and electricity are functioning properly in all cases.

Does the Health Department regulate the utilities in offices, commercial, or industrial areas?

No, Nassau County Health Department only regulates utilities for rental residential dwellings.

Does the County Health Department Ordinance regulate everyone in Nassau County?

Yes. The Nassau County Health Department enforces the requirements for gas, electricity, and hot water in residential rental dwellings throughout the entire county.

Is more information available?

If Nassau County residents have additional questions or concerns regarding the utilities in their dwelling, they may call the Nassau County Department of Health - Community Sanitation Program (227-9715).