Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency

Please note the Agency is now located in Garden City at 801 Axinn Avenue

Be advised, there are no evening hours for the months of July and August 2024.

Night Court Sessions are from 5:30 to 7:30. Click this link Night Court to view the dates.

Warning: Unanswered and unpaid violations are being sent for collections.  Failure to answer and resolve these matters may result in collections letters, calls and ultimately the booting and towing of the registered owner of the vehicle.  Click here for further information.

Appear in Court:

Motorists who wish to appear, can appear between 9:00am to 11:30am and from 1:00pm to 3:30pm weekdays (excluding Holidays). All those appearing must have a government issued picture ID to be admitted into the Agency.

Attorneys are encouraged to make an appointment. Attorneys can Click here to make an appointment. Appointments must be made ten (10) days prior to your appearance. An appointment will allow for cases to be prepared in advance of your visit. The appointment system is for attorneys only.

Parking and/or traffic violations issued to a corporation must be answered by the attorney for the corporation.

A corporation may contest a Red-Light Camera Notice of Violation by requesting a hearing and may authorize, by having the employee appear with a signed letter from the corporation advising the employee may appear at the hearing because the employee was the operator of the vehicle at the time the alleged violation occurred. The employee will have to acknowledge at the hearing that he/she was operating the vehicle at the time of the alleged infraction. If, after a hearing, the alleged violation is found to have occurred, fines and fees will be due and payable. The employee may pay the fines and fees, but they ultimately are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle and the failure to pay such fines may result in the seizure of the vehicle for nonpayment of fines.

Important Change in New York Law

  • You may now be able to pay fines, fees, and surcharges for traffic cases on an installment payment plan with no extra charges or interest.
  • Ask the Judicial Hearing Officer about payment plans.
  • Monthly payments depend on your financial circumstances, as attested to in court.
  • Financial Disclosure form and court appearance are required.
  • Payment plans are not available on red-light camera or parking tickets.

Mission Statement

To enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety through education and timely adjudication of all traffic, parking and photo enforcement related offenses.

General Information

Security screening

All persons entering the Agency must possess valid Government Issued Photo ID (a driver license is preferred), will be screened. All carry items will be placed in an X-RAY machine and are also subject to search. No food, beverages, or weapons.

Dress Appropriately

Appropriate clothing is required. The Judicial Hearing Officer reserves the final decision as to whether to adjudicate or adjourn a case until you are considered appropriately dressed. Save yourself time, if you question if you are appropriately dressed, consider coming another day. In all cases, bikini bottoms or muscle shirts (those shirts where there are no sleeves and/or the sides are open) or anything considered too revealing is not allowed admittance to court. All hats should be removed before entering a courtroom.


Phones must be set to silent, and conversations, picture taking, and videotaping are not permitted and will result in ejection from the agency.