Community Relations

The Commission on Human Rights works to promote positive intergroup relations between various groups represented in Nassau County. With a growing diverse population, this unit, as well as many of the staff, has been very active in coordinating conference seminars, and addressing positive human relations. This unit of the commission actively responds to bias incidents in all communities of the county.

The Community Relations Unit can be reached at (516) 571-3662.

Multicultural Programs

The Commission on Human Rights provides programs concerning diversity issues and multicultural awareness for employers and community groups in Nassau County. Information regarding programs can be obtained by contacting the Community Relations Unit at (516) 571-3662.

The Commission on Human Rights also provides Afro-Americans cultural enrichment seminars, which have been introduced to various school districts, universities, and youth organizations in Nassau County. The Afro-American Ensemble has performed and demonstrated to many and various groups, the intricacies of African dance and music.

For further information please call (516) 571-3662.